I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the DONDENA Center, Bocconi and a lecturer in the Bocconi Department of Social and Political Sciences. I received my PhD in Political Science from the University College London in 2022.

My main research is in American political institutions and comparative politics, with a focus on bureaucracy, legislative politics, and populism. I introduce innovative measurement strategies to address new and old questions in the study of oversight, rule-making, and the use of bureaucratic expertise in the policy-making process. In addition, I investigate why politicians adopt populist behaviors and examine the consequences of populism for government performance and the quality of the bureaucracy. To study these topics, I combine large-scale administrative data, quantitative methods, and natural language processing techniques.

I am the founder of the Public Policy Research Network (PPRN), an inter-university platform which aims to foster methodological training, cooperation, and debate between doctoral students working on the broad field of public policy and political economy.