I am a Research Fellow at the Dondena Center, Bocconi, where I am working with Massimo Morelli on legislative complexity, populism, and bureaucratic politics. In 2022 I completed my PhD in the UCL Department of Political Science in 2022.

I am broadly interested in political institutions, bureaucratic politics, and political economy. At the time of writing, I study bureaucratic performance, accountability, and how bureaucracies interact with other political actors in the legislative arena. I am also interested in natural language processing and quantitative methods.

I am the founder of the Public Policy Research Network (PPRN), an inter-university platform which aims to foster methodological training, cooperation, and debate between doctoral students working on the broad field of public policy and political economy. I am also one of the founders of the IPPA Early Career Network, the first global network of early-career policy scholars.

You can find me on Twitter and if you want to know more about my research, teaching, and work experience you can look at my CV here.